We can offer you different Packages depending on the size and type of Event,
Please Call or Email for help and more information

Event Hosting (Full Package)

Our all weather system will cover most areas, from transition to start line and finish. Pre Race announcements, and feelgood background music. Onto the Race with Athlete info (if provided),
and Finish Line Commentary to help bring the Athletes home, thus enhancing the overall atmosphere.
We work with most Timing Companies to provide Athlete information at the Finish Line

Included in the full Package:
Pre produced drops, including race briefings, sponsor/affiliate ads, club announcements etc.

Event Imaging

If you are running a smaller event you could consider our Imaging Package.This includes all the announcements pre recorded and produced in our professional studio.These would include:

Race/Course/Safety Briefings
Sponsor/Affiliate ads
Club Announcements etc

Call or Email for more details and pricing.

Sample Ad
Sample Race Briefing

PA Hire

Coming Soon
You will be able to hire a smaller PA for use at your Event. this will include Speakers, An Amp, Microphone and Stands.
You can Hire for the day or weekend.

Please keep checking back to see when this service will be available

Club Match PA

Have you had an important Game at your Club and wished you could have broadcast:

Pre match Music/National Anthem
• Announcements throughout
• Half Time Music
• Post-Match Music

If you have, then Prima could be what you need, we provide a fully self-contained Mobile Broadcast Unit, which includes facility for you to Commentate/Announce throughout your match. An all-weather sound system which can space out giving spectators a clear sound, and with no delays.

Open Days/Fetes

Planning an Open Day for your Business?

Prima can turn up and setup an All Weather System on your Forecourt/Carpark.
During your Event we can provide some background music, Microphones for raffles, announcements, giveaways etc.

Our experienced MC will be on hand to help your day run smoothly.

Other Services